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REAPits concept is simple and built around defi mechanics. On this wallet, youll be able to tip tokens, swap, send, stake and add liquidity to pools through UniREAP.

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Swap tokens

Without having to go Uniswap or login to metamask, you can swap any token or coin right in the wallet.

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Liquidity Pools (UniREAP)

Apart from being able to stake and get rewards in REAP, users will be able to add liqiuidity to any of thier favourite pools on Uniswap.

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Instantly tip users with any of the listed ERC20 token on REAPit through any of our supported social media apps.

What Can REAP Do?

Our native token is called REAP. The below points explains more on this.

Vote (Governance)

Regarding all votes, decisions, plans, steps on REAPit, members with REAP tokens have privileges and right to vote or form a consensus to participate actively in the decision making the process of the organization.

REAP as "fee"

REAP token will be used as the preferrable source for all integrations.


To take care of REAPit's expenses and operations, a certain percentage of tokens collected through fees will be returned to the organization.

Burning of REAP

The reason for burning REAP is to create a more reliable consensus mechanism for verifying and appending transactions to the blockchain. Additonally, the goal is to reduce the existing number of REAP tokens in circulation.

Why use REAPit?

Building a community controlled simple and fast payment tool for every type of audience is our major goal. Targeting over 20,000 users in the next 3 months, REAPit Wallet was created to allow anyone add liquidity to different pools while enabling friends, colleagues and few more friends ;) send and recieve payments. We strongly believe DeFi is more interesting, useful and profitable if availability is not limited.


Platforms Where REAPit Can Be Used.

REAPit gets to action on any of this social media platforms by just typing a command line. You can /Swap /Tip or even /Send any ERC20 tokens to anyone. If you are tipping tokens to any one that doesnt have a wallet, do not worry as wallets will be generated for them automatically.


REAPit can be added to any telegram group or channel. It allows you to add liquidity, tip any ERC20 token for free to any user in the channel. PM the bot to share, swap, stake and deposit more coins and to check your wallet balances.


Using the available commands, you can do amazing things with REAPit bot. You may need to first follow the @reapit_TipBot account. Creating a new tweet is recommended and starting out with tagging the @reapit_TipBot, followed by the desired command.


Tips occur immediately and off-blockchain. When you tip a person, an amount equal to the tip is removed from your balance and added to that persons balance. This allows you tip small amounts easily. Every command is available in the provided guide.


To start tipping on, you have to deposit REAP to your Reapit-account first. Once you have REAP in your tipping account you can start tipping! To do this simply reply to a comment with a message of the format or command available in our guide.





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The Digital Currencies We Support.

We currently support all ETH - ERC20, BCH, and TRON (TRC20,TRC10) tokens. If your token is not listed here, submit a listing application here.

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Making Payment Is As Easy as You Think ;)

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